Welcome to the whistleblower system

The Preymesser values: Customer-oriented solutions, employee focus, entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, and continuity are the foundation of our success. As part of the Preymesser Corporate Compliance, Preymesser is uncompromising in its commitment to fair competition, integrity in business dealings, avoidance of conflicts of interest, cooperation with authorities, fair working conditions, and respect for human rights. These values and ethical guidelines are the benchmark for our actions.

Preymesser is harmed by unethical, unlawful and irresponsible behaviour. Your assistance is therefore an important step in the fight against illegal and unethical practices that can damage the reputation of Preymesser. The Preymesser Integrity Line is your opportunity to report unethical processes, violations of the German Supply Chain Security Act ("Compliance Violation") as well as data breaches ("Data Breach / Security Incidents") within the scope of the legal requirements, also anonymously, by clicking on the following fields.